The Fluctuating Value of Bitcoin in 2015

Over the years, the value of the bitcoin has been growing in value and the benefits are adverse. It has been able to provide more opportunities as opposed to when they were first created. Though it was a concern over its value as a currency, it is gaining popularity and acceptance. Currently, it is better placed and is considered an asset and an innovative way of controlling inflation. Though the […]


Reasons Behind the 2015 Catastrophic Bitcoin Price Crash

By now you should have noticed that Bitcoin price has crashed from $1100 in 2013 down to only $330, and has decreased by more than 50% since the beginning of 2015. This is probably the worst news ever for Bitcoin miners, and according to some people, the digital currency might possibly be “the worst investment” in 2014… Is this really the case? What are the fundamental reasons behind this catastrophic […]


Bitcoin Value, Its Current State and the Ruble

Bitcoin, the first of a now-growing variety of cryptocurrencies, has been purchased for more than 1000-dollars per unit coin in its short time on the open Internet market. In 2013, bitcoin shot up around 1242-dollars, making its perceived value rival that of gold as an investment tool. In recent months, however, the average value of a bitcoin has diminished to a more modest range of between 300 and 400-dollars per […]


Bitcoin Mining Overview

To many people bitcoin mining is seen as a way of creating new coins but the idea of bitcoin mining is for the participants to track the movements of the coins. Because bitcoins are distributed from peer to per there is no database keeping records of who owns the coins. Owners keep a log that is available on the network and transactions are recorded as they occur. Bit coin transactions […]


Bitcoin Eletronics? How to Get Bitcoins for your Old Electronics

Many companies have developed a great deal of different kinds of technology, mainly in the previous five years with the increase of tablets smartphones, and reasonable DSLR cameras. Though, as we upgrade, whatever do we do with our old electronics? Fine, how about selling them in for bitcoin? A new startup named Mintspare is a sell -in provisions that uses Bitcoin electronics. Using a real-time regular of the main bitcoin […]


Litecoin: Bitcoin’s New Contender

Bitcoin has been a huge hit since it was introduced in 2009. Being viewed as a potential answer to the current and recurring economic crisis, there are emerging competitors that aim to compete with the most well-known online currency these days. Litecoin has been attracting investors and online business people recently due to the fact that it had been viewed to be cheaper and easier to use compared to Bitcoin. […]


Bitcoin Transactions

  Records of Bitcoin Transactions Bitcoins do not actually exist anywhere, not even on a hard drive. Although we talk about people having Bitcoins, but if you look at a certain Bitcoin address, there are actually no digital Bitcoins held in it. This is the same way that you will hold dollars or pounds in your bank account. You cannot really point to a physical object or to a digital […]


Bitcoin Economics - In-Depth Analysis

Investors and economists have spent much time discussing the ‘real’ worth of bitcoin, which should ultimately be reflected in its price. This is easier said than done. At the simplest level, the floor ‘value’ of a bitcoin is the amount of electricity it takes to mine it. This is increasing all the time, as mining hardware has to work ever-harder to ‘find’ new coins. (Once the cost of buying hardware […]


Bitcoin Price Bubble Growth and Burst

Bitcoin’s dizzying rise from single digits into four figures in just 18 months has been the factor that has brought it to mass awareness. When the cryptocurrency first appeared on the scene in 2009, little more than a curiosity and proof-of-concept for a technologically super-savvy few, the coins that were mined were worth cents, if that. Those who kept the bitcoins they obtained are now sitting on a 10,000-fold return […]


Understanding Bitcoin's Value

One of bitcoin’s most notorious (and celebrated) features is its wild swings in price. What makes it the favourite of speculators also makes it unsuitable for use as a currency in most situations, since there’s no guarantee that the money you pay or receive will be worth the same the next day, let alone in a year. That raises a few problems for bitcoin holders. Whilst it’s easy enough to […]